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Manchester Consular Association

Founded  in 1882

President: Mr Lukasz Lutostanski, Consul General of Poland.

Vice President: Mr Carlos de Sousa Amaro, Consul General of Portugal.

Hon. Treasurer: John F. Meeus, Consul for Belgium.

Hon. Secretary: Christian Wewer, Consul for Denmark.

Assist. Secretary: Alexandra Stewart, Consul for Norway.

Hon. Secretary Christian Wewer

Consul for Denmark

Telephone 0161 4439 5500


Welcome to our website!

Founded in 1882 the Manchester Consular Association is the oldest consular association in Great Britain and one of the oldest in the world.


Forming a focus for diplomatic activity and fellowship in this important part of the United Kingdom, its membership presently represents 29 countries.


Do not hesitate to contact the Association, or any of its consulates for further information.

Manchester Consuls

Published in 2007 and written by the late David Fox Secretary of the Manchester Consular Association, this beautiful book chronicles consular activities over the past 200 years. The oldest Consular Association in the country, many of its consuls have played a significant role in the wider history of the region and beyond.


The book, which has 320 pages and over 150 illustrations is now available from the Association in a limited Edition hardback and softback.


Contact the Consul for Denmark, Christian Wewer for further details.

Lukasz Lutostanski

Officers of the Association